arrhythmic storytellers

We have always been an arrhythmic storytellers. Surely this is the only way to change your customers to followers. But this can happen only on one condition, namely when your story is honest and relevant. It is important that stories contain a component of humor, surprise, or one of the emotional components.
And these are the stories that are told in Aritmija..


In the life cycle of brands, there are many problems which are hand knocking. Design of marks are tackled systematically and foremost a visionary, to be visible in the long term and to communicate your story credible.
Properly positioned brand, target audience, target market and competition, we are tackling analytically. In a product or service which is behind the brand, we are looking for distinctive advantages.

annual reporting

The Annual Report is one of the most central and most important corporate communication tool of a company. Professional providing of information and indicators, polished to the last detail, it is one of the most important opportunities to  make an impression on investors and the interested public.
Editing, graphics and editorial content, exceptional experience in corporate media and even the implementation of a comprehensive settlement of the annual reports, all that you can get from Aritmija.

Corporate Identity

First contact, feeling and impression, this is a graphic image. To become even more integrated, it is necessary to carefully and consistently build. We are specialized in the development, implementation and maintenance of complex corporate identities and corporate image of the corporate brand.
With corporate identity of brands, we give character and values, which must be mirrored in to the product or services, which are behind the brand.

digital branding

We always preferre content over form. And the content on the online is the only tool with which you can set a distinctive advantage.
Together with the excellent online communication, we also take  care of architecture, web design, graphic production and final production.
Every company has individual requirements, so we follow and advise in the development and management of your digital brand.


Coat, which we put on the product must necessarily be followed by the character of the product. Packaging is the one that will convince the customer at the point of sale, like on the pitch between competitors. Extremely important is the sincere and simple story, which through the packaging indicates the product.
The packaging must clearly reflect the personality of the brand and the product and buyer encouraged to purchase.